The USB Reader Device



Ethos USB Devices support a multitude of necessary functions within the credentialing process. 

With a wide range of functionality, most of these devices are customized to meet the end-users exact requirements. They are compatible with single or dual-technology credentials including legacy low-frequency proximity and Mifare DESFire EV1 and EV2 NFC (contactless smart) and can accommodate both types of credentials all in one package.   
The USB reader has a wide range of unique uses such as:


  • It can be used to enroll credentials into your access control system

  • It can be used with a low-frequency proximity credential or a high-frequency smart card credential

  • It can be used with high-security encrypted credentials containing custom encryption keys

  • It can be used to write the Campus Applications onto a LEAF credential

  • It can be used to read the Campus Applications from a LEAF credential

  • It can be used to analyze the data on a proximity card

  • It can be used to analyze the data on a LEAF Cc card with custom crypto keys if the keys are shared with WaveLynx

  • It can be used to verify the technologies within a dual technology card

  • It can be used to write a BlueLynx credential into a mobile BLE device

There may be many more uses and each of the above uses are generally customized to meet the end user’s exact requirements. For more information please contact

  • Multiple models offered for various credentials:

    • 125kHz proximity cards (U1)

    • 13.56MHz (NFC) Smart Cards (U2)

    • Both 125KHz & 13.56 MHz (U3)

  • Powered via USB

  • Bright Red/Green/Amber LED

  • Black, high-quality plastic

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Serialized for traceability and support

  • Noteworthy: Designed and made in the USA

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