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I got married in 2021. I was supposed to get married in 2020, but this massive pandemic walked into everyone’s lives and caused chaos. So, 2021 it was.

Because of the delay, my husband and I actually got more wedding gifts (maybe not so bad after all?). People who sent us original gifts, sent us “new” gifts. I’m still not sure if it’s because they forgot about the original gifts they sent us or they simply felt bad for the situation.

Either way, I was 100% ok with it.

One of those gifts was an Amazon Echo Show. This was not something on our registry and we didn’t really think we needed it, but we decided to keep it anyway.

For a few months, we simply used it for music.

“Alexa, play my Spotify” became common chatter in our household.

Then one day, when one of our friends came over, they saw our Echo Show couldn’t stop talking about how amazing they are…

At first, I was thinking this friend was insane… yeah I loved playing music on my Echo Show too, but big whoop. Speakers have been around for a while.

It wasn’t until they started talking about how they use their Echo Show to turn their lights on, adjust their TV volume and control their locks on their doors when I knew we were missing out on something.  

You mean that thing sitting in our kitchen is more than a boombox? Brain blast.

For months I viewed the Echo Show as a speaker and only a speaker. What I knew it to be in its simplest form.

I had no idea it opened up an ecosystem of possibilities around the house. It talks to my tv, thermostat, lights, locks and so much more. All inside this little device?

You bet. So what does this have to do with WaveLynx? Great question.

For thirteen years, WaveLynx has grown their brand recognition as a credential and reader manufacturer. But what if I told you they are much more than the products in their simplest form?

WaveLynx has been on a mission to create devices that, similar to the Echo Show, open up an ecosystem of possibilities for corporate offices, multifamily properties and higher education facilities today and tomorrow.

On the surface, WaveLynx readers allow users to gain access in and out of doors at a facility. But deep in their core, they contain multiple technologies to support customers when migrating to different credential types as well as provide one credential for more than just access at the door… They do this seamlessly without a complete overhaul of an existing access control system.

Oh but it gets better…

As mobile credentials grow in popularity, the rise of the NFC wallet solution will change the way users migrate through a building. And our readers are already set up to support the NFC wallet ecosystem.

Users can ditch their physical cards and opt to use their mobile device to enter buildings, access vending, print documents and much more.

And let’s face it. We ALWAYS have our phones on us.

More details on this topic and what it means for our current and future customers are coming. But if I am able to leave you with anything from this, it’s not to plan and re-plan a wedding because you’ll get double the gifts. It’s to start viewing WaveLynx as more than a credential and reader manufacturer and more of a platform that opens up an ecosystem of possibilities in the world of access while helping customers achieve the most secure and complete solution at their facilities.  

If you’re already eager to learn more about what I talked about above, please feel free to send me a note at keely@wavelynxtech.com and I’ll set up time for our teams to chat.