Unified Security Program

Simplifying the way access solutions are implemented at scale.

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Our Unified Security Program consists of a standard methodology to issue and configure secure credentials, readers, and systems. This enables the industry to successfully transition and scale to secure, mobile-based technology quickly and seamlessly.


Customers and participating issuance vendors of the Unified Security Program immediately gain access to the following benefits:
- A standard technology definition for secure mobile credentials, secure cards, and all supporting reader devices.
- Approved reader configuration coupled with guaranteed range assignment and uniqueness of secure credential technologies, making all mobile credentials    issued with this program unique and non-replicable.
- A reader functionality specifically engineered to prevent the emulation of secure credentials by non-secure proximity cards.
- The management of the interoperability and security of credentials and devices between issuance partners.


We provide you with standard configurations at both the secure credential and the reader. As a participant, you are provided with unique identifiers that enhance security at both the credential and the reader.


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