Key Management

For LEAF Cc / Custom Keysets

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As part of our Managed Services portfolio, WaveLynx offers Key Management for those end-users who choose to own their encryption keys. Custom keysets may be WaveLynx-generated (LEAF Cc) or supplied by the end-user. While some customers opt to manage their own keys, Key Management by WaveLynx makes owning your keys and provisioning them to the devices of your choice an easy process to deploy. Owning your keys means you now have the power to support any device or application in your ecosystem with just one credential.

Key Management - How It Works
Easy Ordering

Any end-user or authorized channel partner can reserve a keyset on behalf of an end-user. End-users are assigned a custom part number for consistent procurement and provisioning. Keyset ownership is not finalized until the end-user, or their authorized agent completes the Keyset registration process. Begin the reservation process now.


We follow industry-leading security processes that assure your keysets never end up in the wrong hands. No human will ever have access to individual keys. Keyset Authorities audit all critical processes. Keysets can be WaveLynx-generated or supplied by end-users and are stored on PIN-protected FIPS 140 certified drives. All devices used to manage keysets are air-gapped, and premises are secured and monitored by biometric, electronic Access Control, and video surveillance systems.

Secure Key Retrieval
All end-users keyset retrieval requests are fully vetted, and Key Custodian credentials verified for authenticity. Keyset retrieval plans are customized to meet end-user needs.

Keyset Generation or Customer Keyset Ingestion
  • Easy Keyset Reservation & Verified Registration
  • Secure Split-Key Storage
  • Audited Keyset Retrieval & Exchange Procedures
  • Robust Keyset Backup & Recovery Processes
  • Keyset Retirement & Destruction options
  • Keyset Consolidated Audit Trails

    WaveLynx is a founding partner of LEAF, an industry initiative devised by product manufacturers who evangelize open standards for credentials. These LEAF partners have defined a credential which is highly secure, openly sourced, and totally interoperable with unlimited devices or applications which may reside in a project ecosystem. As part of our portfolio, we offer customers the ability to own a unique LEAF Cc (Custom-crypto) keyset which comes with lifetime support for Key Management. The purpose of a LEAF solution is to break the chains otherwise established by credential manufacturers with proprietary business models.

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