A wave of innovation

Our goal is to provide a continuous stream of innovative products that allow our partners to differentiate themselves and keep our customer's products secure no matter what the future brings. 


A few of the innovative features designed into the Ethos reader line include:

  • Auto Discovery of Wiegand or Serial (OSDP) host interfaces on the same wires simplifying the transition

  • Ability to securely upgrade reader firmware or configuration through OSDP

  • A patented RF shield to guarantee that only credentials on the non-secure side of the door are read


OSDP™ Remote Reader Firmware Upgrades


The Ethos reader line is designed using the Security Industry Association’s (SIA) recently released OSDP™ standard, V2.1.7 enabling secure channel and upgrade capabilities remotely from the access control host system.  The Ethos reader line is the first access control reader on the market that is designed, tested and validated by multiple third party’s test facilities as remotely upgradable over a secure channel. Ethos full OSDP™ functionality has been tested and validated with Mercury Technologies panels and Viscount’s Freedom AI system. They are proven to deliver the following functionality:

  • Bi-directional communication between reader and system over a secure channel

  • Firmware updates from host to reader over secure channel

  • Reader configuration changes pushed from the host to reader over secure channel

For more information and test results contact Laurie Aaron at WaveLynx Technologies.


Autodetect OSDP™


We are excited to announce a breakthrough in wall mount reader design. We now offer autodetect of OSDP™.   All Ethos readers are designed to support Wiegand and Serial interfaces over the same wires, but we have gone a step further to simplify the transition from Wiegand to OSDP™. We have designed an autodetection feature into our firmware, further enriching the concept of not having to touch the reader again once it is installed.  WaveLynx believes that all Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) will be communicating via OSDP™ eventually, so we have designed an OSDP™ auto-discovery feature into our readers, facilitating the automatic conversion from Wiegand protocol to OSDP™ when it detects the access control system communicating via OSDP™.


LEAF Compatibility - Credential & Reader Interoperability


We are proud to support the only program designed to combat the age-old issue of proprietary reader technology.  LEAF is a secure, interoperable, concept driven by reader and credential manufacturers who believe in supporting a customer’s right to choose. At WaveLynx we are passionate about driving interoperability into the market, so we have developed a means to enable our customers to either manage their own keys or depend on several capable, cooperative manufacturers to interoperate with the protected LEAF keys giving the users of LEAF many options and promoting innovation and price competition. For more information on how to join the LEAF Alliance as a manufacturer or request LEAF compatible products as a user, please contact Info@LEAFIdentity.com or Info@WaveLynxTech.com.


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